T1 Bubbla/Ghia Mine Sweeper, Hasplåt (passar alla T1 Axel),

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Titan Engineering T1 Beetle / Ghia ”Mine Sweeper” Skid Plate
Compatible with all Titan, Jawbreaker and Original Aircooled VW Beams
Features a steep ramped front edge to deflect the road and debris away from your beam when running extra low. Protects your adjuster unit as well as still allowing access through the front of skid plate.

Minesweeper plates are provided raw unless otherwise stated. Comes with two extended frame head bolts and washers which is all that is required for fitting.

The Minesweeper features a totally unique pellet system where interchangeable bolts can be fitted through the skid plate. As standard we provide Styck skidplate with stainless pellets. These give a bright Yellow Short Spark Trail. We offer pellets to give your choice of White, Yellow, Short and Long Sparks with your skid plate. Once worn through, simply remove the skidplate and remove the old pellets, then refit the new ones. Also it is possible to mix and match to create multiple coloured spark trails.

Will fit all Ball Joint and K&L Pin Beams, hole is slotted to allow you to bring the plate up flush to the base of your frame head.

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