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T1 1947-1965 Beetle K&L Lower Shock Relocators (1947-1965)
The Ultimate in Aircooled VW Lowering Parts. Move your lower shock for Air and Coilover applications
Titan Engineering ultimate relocators allow you to move the shock backwards on King and Link Pin Aircooled VW models either 1″, 2″ or 3″ depending on your requirements.

Resolving the sharp shock angle which commonly causes ride quality issues and particularly with air ride applications on all Aircooled VW models (1947-65).

Also an essential for Air Shocks / Struts to reduce air pressure required to lift the car by upto three times allowing for more efficient travel and lift and less harsh ride due to lower operating pressures.

This part does require welding for installation, Do not purchase if you are unable to weld this to your arm, the image shown is of the item placed in situe only, it will require a full weld all away around the perimeter edge and must be aligned level before welding on. Linkpins are also still easily accessible so you can still maintain your carriers and spindles.

Sold in Pairs, includes bolts & washers required to mount the shocks. Trailing arm in image is shown for fitting assistance only, it is NOT included in the sale of this product.

– 2x Sided Shock Relocators
– Welding Required in order to secure
– Contact us directly if you do not have a welder and we can weld these for you
– Dramatically reduce air ride lifting and operating pressures.
– Can be used with all gas, oil and air shocks

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