T1 1947-65 Bubbla/Ghia framaxel, framaxel övre stötdämpar fäste

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T1 1950-65 Beetle Front Beam Link Pin Upper Shock Relocators
Aircooled VW High Performance Lowering Products
Link Pin Upper Shock Relocators, simple easy fit, these shocks extenders fit 1960-1965 Standard Beetle & Ghia Link Pin Beams Running Pressed Shock Towers.

Welding is required to install this item to the top of the factory towers.

Comes with two mounts and two bolts and nylock nuts. This part can be easily fitted on or off the vehicle.

– sats includes two 6mm Relocators
– Mounting Bolts and Related Hardware Included
– Two Mount Hole Options for Relocators Built-in

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