Luftkyld enkel montering, Trådlös på E 2nd generationens air lift 1-Ventil, Digital luftfjädrings system för fram bara till air ride, 1/4 ”Aircooled VW Air …

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Aircooled Easy Fit Wireless ONE 2nd Generation Air Lift 1-ventil Digital Air Ride Management System for Front only Air Ride, 1/4″
Aircooled VW Air Ride Performance Parts
Introducing the Easy-fit 1 ventil Digital and full wireless air ride installation from Limebug and Airlift. Utilizing Airlift 2nd Gen Management and Limebug 2nd Gen Air Cradle allows you to install your air management in under 1 hour. The simplest to fit operate and live with management on the market.

The system simply slots into the back of your spare wheel, then secures with two fixings. That’s it bolted in, next all we need to do is wire it up. 3x wires 1 core power wire straight to your main Red power wire, one Pink ”On ignition live to the black wires in your fusebox and the ring terminal to any earth point on your body/chassis. That’s it wired in and bolted in. Next, connect your airline to the air shocks via the T piece in the sats. That’s it, Power up your controller, get in and drive.

Operational range of upto 100PSI perfect for assistive front air with our original black air shocks or run true air ride with the MOA Air shock range and through rods.

WirelessONE 2nd Generation
Own the Air
WirelessOne™ gives you on-the-go control of your air springs, without emptying your wallet.

Single-path control: Left and right air springs are inflated/deflated equally
Wireless handheld unit and FREE mobile app for convenient operation inside or outside the vehicle
Easy installation – no luftlednings to the cab!
Three user-defined preset memory settings
Wireless Control for the Masses
WirelessOne puts the power in your hands – literally. Whether it’s with the easy-to-read handheld controller or the free mobile app, you can inflate or deflate your air spring system with one touch.

Equal Pressure for Equal Loads
WirelessOne is a single-path system, meaning both air springs will be inflated or deflated to the same pressure. This is ideal for vehicles carrying loads that are equally distributed left-to-right. The controller and app are both programmable with user-defined presets, so WirelessOne can remember your frequently used pressures.

Easy Install
The redesigned WirelessOne system is easier to install than ever, with a standard-duty air compressor and a small manifold. There’s no running luftledning inside the cab or fiddling with fuzes, just a simple battery hook-up. With common mechanics tools.

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